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We are a Web3 service provider with many years of experience as well as professional hardware. We manage several crypto staking pools and by that secure blockchain and DLT protocols. Among other things, ADA Staking is one of our main tasks. Highly secure infrastructure offers the perfect conditions for fail-safe staking and thus provides the optimal foundation as a staking pool for next-generation digital assets.

Meet the Team

Alexander Wolter

Alexander Wolter - Finance and Controlling

Alexander graduated in the field of Controlling, Finance and Entrepreneurship in 2010 (B. Sc.). During the wild market swings in 2017 he discovered Bitcoin and Crypto currencies. He founded his first crypto company in 2019: a GPU centric mining operation with 50+ mining instances running at the same time. Working a few years in the field of insurance and finance, he joined the management of a family business in 2020. In 2022, he decided to switch from GPU mining to other forms of Blockchain security which is the mission of DLT Secure.

Florian Drewes - Strategy and Growth

Florian studied Computational Engineering Science (M.Sc.) in Aachen University and started his career as a Development Engineer at a global automotive supplier company in 2012. During his work as a residence engineer in Japan, he discovered Bitcoin in 2016: a peer to peer digital currency. Fascinated by the technology and opportunities, Florian switched to a Blockchain Consultancy Company in 2018 working full time in Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 ever since. While working on various private and public blockchain projects, he joined the core development team of a public permissionless blockchain in 2020: the Q Blockchain. In 2022, Florian and his business partners decided to found DLT Secure where he is in charge of the strategic and technical development.

Florian Kaute - Lead Technical Engineer

Florian took part in a 3-years trainee program at a multinational telecom company in the field of IT System Electronics engineering where he continued to work for most of his career as a System Engineer. It was at that time, when he bought his first Bitcoin in 2012 shortly before he started his studies in Mathematics at TU Dortmund. Florian worked as freelancer in various fields of automation and programming and all this skills allowed him to establish profound experience in crypto and web3: he administered GPU PoW mining farms in 2018, plotted PoST crypto in 2019 and is now running PoS Validators in 2022 as lead engineer of DLT Secure.

Our competencies

As a host of staking pools, we have developed a deep understanding of blockchain protocols - such as the Cardano network - and what it takes to run a successful staking pool. We are proud to offer our clients the following competencies:


Security for all those interested in Staking Rewards is of utmost importance to us. Through industry-grade infrastructure and connectivity, we monitor our staking pools and hardware 24/7, meeting all the important requirements when it comes to securely managing staking rewards.

Technical expertise

Our team of experienced engineers is familiar with various protocols, including the Cardano network, and can offer you comprehensive support for your staking pool.


We have built our business on a foundation of reliability and trustworthiness. Our customers can rely on smooth operations of the Staking pools.


We offer a direct support to all of our customers, so you can always reach us if you have any questions or concerns about your digital asset.

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