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The Crypto Staking Pool with professional hardware and years of experience of Cardano and Gnosis Staking as well as Bitcoin Lightning for secure rewards.

About US

We are a Web3 service provider with many years of experience as well as professional hardware. We manage several crypto staking pools and thus secure blockchain and DLT protocols. Among other things, ADA Staking is one of our main tasks. Highly secure infrastructure offers the perfect conditions for fail-safe staking and thus provides the optimal foundation as a staking pool for next-generation digital assets.

Our Skills

As a host of staking pools, we have developed a deep understanding of blockchain protocols - such as the Cardano network - and what it takes to run a successful staking pool. We are proud to offer our clients the following competencies:


Security for all those interested in Staking Rewards is of utmost importance to us. Through industry-grade infrastructure and connectivity, we monitor our staking pools and hardware 24/7, meeting all the important requirements when it comes to securely managing staking rewards.

Technical expertise

Our team of experienced engineers is familiar with various protocols, including the Cardano network, and can offer you comprehensive support for your staking pool.


We have built our business on a foundation of reliability and trustworthiness. Our customers can rely on smooth operations of the Staking pools.


We offer a direct support to all of our customers, so you can always reach us if you have any questions or concerns about your digital asset.

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Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a consensus algorithm used to generate new blocks of a blockchain
 It requires validators (special nodes running the blockchain) to use the network’s own token to propose and/or validate new blocks in order to ultimately receive staking rewards. 
In crypto staking within Web3, a delegator is someone who entrusts their tokens to a validator to participate in the consensus of the network and earn rewards, the so called staking rewards. When participating in the staking pool, delegates play an important role in ensuring security by helping to validate transactions and blocks. In exchange for their participation, delegates receive rewards in the form of newly minted tokens or a portion of the network transaction fees.
Validators are special nodes in PoS networks as well as in delegated Proof-of- Stake networks. They operate the blockchain infrastructure, propose new blocks and validate them and receive rewards in the form of new tokens or transaction fees.
A node operator runs a server that uses a software that participates in a decentralized network on the Web3. This node operator helps to ensure that the network operates correctly by ensuring sufficient capacity for processing transactions, data transactions and data traffic. In addition, the node operator provides network security by keeping track of the blockchain and validating transactions. In return for these services, node operators are compensated with fees.

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